Making Masks

Making Masks

Here is an DIY on making a mask from one our very talented baristas, Jessica Chen.  Jessica is attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts and studying remotely to finish her degree.  Other than pulling a great espresso shot, Jessica is actively contributes to our monthly newsletter and will lead our digital channel communications.

How to make a mask by Jessica Chen:

Being stuck at home gets old fast. There’s only so much TV you can watch and only so many Zoom meetings you can attend before you start wondering if anything is real. Or maybe that’s just me. In any case, my time in quarantine and my love for printmaking helped me find a new hobby: mask-making! It’s surprisingly easy, even for a beginner like me, and a productive way to pass your newfound free time. Masks with fun prints also make great personalized gifts for your friends and family.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to making simple, cute, and comfortable masks. I’ve adapted the instructions from this YouTube video. These masks have four layers of fabric for extra filtration, and I like to use pre-cut elastic straps with adjustable buckles so that the masks always fit snugly. Tightly woven fabrics like cotton are best; you can find great fabric for mask-making at most craft stores. Here, I’m using cotton fabric that I printed with the Cafenated logo! Make sure to hand wash your masks in cold water after each use.


26cm diameter plate






⅕ inch elastic mask straps

Sewing needle 



Iron (optional)

Making the Pattern

  1. Tape together two 8.5”x11” pieces of paper, or use one large piece of paper (at least 11”x11”). Use a 26cm diameter plate to trace a circle onto the paper.
  2. Cut the circle out and fold into quarters.

  3. Position the quarter-circle so that the right angle is on your left and the folded edge is closest to you. Measuring from this bottom edge, make two marks: one on the left edge, 4cm from the bottom, and one on the right edge, 8cm from the bottom.
  4. Using the plate again, trace a curved line between these two points.
  5. Cut along this line and discard the smaller piece of paper. Unfold the remaining paper.

Making the Mask

  1. Trace the pattern onto fabric. You will need four pieces for each mask.
  2. Cut out four of the shapes you traced. If you’re using a printed design for the outside of the mask, cut two pieces from the printed fabric and two pieces of blank fabric.
  3. Line up all four pieces of fabric. Stack them in the following order: blank layer, printed layer, printed layer, blank layer. The printed layers should be facing each other, as you will be turning this inside out later. Pin all four layers together.

  4. Sew along the rounded ends of the pattern. Remove pins.

  5. Reach between the top two and bottom two layers, pulling them apart. Line up the seams you just made at the center. Pin together in this new shape.

  6. Sew along the top and bottom, leaving a gap of at least two inches on one side.

  7. Using the opening you left, turn the fabric inside out. The pattern should now face outwards.
  8. Close the opening using a ladder stitch.

  9. (Optional) Iron the mask for a neater finish.
  10. Sew on the elastic straps, with the inside of the mask facing up.

  11. Fold the sides of the mask over to hide the ends of the straps. Sew shut.

  12. DONE!

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