Pop up kitchen @ Cafenated Coffee House July 26 & 27

Pop up kitchen @ Cafenated Coffee House July 26 & 27

We are happy to announce our first pop-up dinner event at our newly opened coffee house in Berkeley. As innovation is the foundation in what we do at Cafenated Coffee Company, we wanted to create a unique culinary experience that is very different from any other coffee shop in California. Ubiquitous menu fare like bagels and eggs are great but too common. At Cafenated, we have decided to invite talented chefs in the Bay Area to showcase their truly unique food experiences that cannot be found anywhere else! Therefore, we are happy to announce our pop-up Summer Dinner Event with the talented chef Hanif Sadr of Komaaj Kitchen on July 26th-27th, 2019.

Local beer and wine are paired with the food for an exceptional summer evening experience.  Parking is available next door.  

For more information and event details please follow the link below:


Or email us: Contact@Cafenated.co

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