Introducing Cafenated Ground Coffee

Introducing Cafenated Ground Coffee

Cafenated Community,

In addition to whole coffee beans, we now have ground coffee as an option.  You may select either whole-bean or ground during the checkout. 

Unless noted in your order, Cafenated will grind your coffee medium, good for pour-over and other drip coffee making methods (a coarseness similar to grains of salt).  So make a note with your order if you prefer different ground coffee coarseness for other types of brewing methods like espresso or French press.

Specific for this task, we have acquired one of the world’s best coffee grinders, Mahlkonig. Mahlkonig is a German manufacturer of coffee grinders, their innovations and unique technology allow for outstanding ground coffee production.  Mahlkonig machines reduce heat normally generated during the grinding process and produce uniform coarseness that’s essential in preserving the coffee flavors.

Note: In order to enjoy the complex flavor profiles of Cafenated coffee, we highly recommend to consume your ground coffee within a week of receiving it.

We're always listening so send us your suggestion on how we can improve our services.

THANK YOU from your friends at Cafenated Coffee Co.

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