Cafenated is all Single Origin!

Cafenated is all Single Origin!

Here in Cafenated Coffee Co., we only offer Single Origin coffee beans!  This makes us different from most of the coffee roasters.  Even places like Blue Bottles and Philz Coffee offer mostly blend coffee beans. So what is Single Origin coffee and why it is better?  The single origin coffee offer is mainly driven by the demand of consumers for high quality coffees to be enjoyed in their purest form. It profiles coffee farmer’s cultivation method, harvest, coffee processing techniques; it tells you the coffee origin story. The majority of the blended coffees in the market are targeted towards the mainstream milk coffee consumer, so roasters tend to focus on the caramelized and roast notes in cup character. These are amplified more towards the darker roast degree, or commonly, second crack in the roast process and beyond. The combination of these flavor notes are more favorable to the majority of milk based coffee consumers in the market.

Syphon coffee makers, filter (various types), plunger, cold drip or cold press brewing methods are all great for highlighting the single origin flavor nuances. The benefits of single origin is clear to Cafenated Coffee’s philosophy of Farm-to-Cup direct to consumer model.  You’ll get to taste the flavors and identify the origins of the coffee beans out are enjoying.

The bright citric or fruit notes of a lighter roasted coffee don’t tend to blend well with milk drinks. A lot of the high quality specialty coffees are mainly wet processed to produce a nice clean and crisp coffee, but may have less body required to make a pleasant milk based espresso. Most consumers won’t find citric or fruit notes coming through strongly in their lattes. If you ask a latte drinkers to describe their ideal flavor and texture notes for a milk based beverage, you will almost always get chocolate, caramel, smooth or creamy.

The emergence and refining of different brewing methods has been a big instigator in the growth of single origin coffee offers in the market.

Cafenated high quality single origin coffee is our way to take coffee lovers on a journey to exotic coffee farms in Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa to taste the women farmers handpicked coffee beans.  Enjoy.

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