Just Arrived Coffee beans from Rwanda!

Just Arrived Coffee beans from Rwanda!

What is it?

New to Cafenated is the amazing Gahonga coffee beans from Rwanda.  The women farmers at the Gahonga Coffee cooperative and their ability to deliver arguably one of the top quality coffee beans in the world and these ladies have truly inspired us.  Now you too may enjoy their harvest. We have profiled and roasted Gahonga coffee to perfection in our medium and light roast levels:

02 Bliss

03 Indulge

04 Serenity

Buy a bag or two today before they are gone!

Rawanda Coffee Taste Profile

Where does it come from?

The Gashonga Coffee cooperative in Rusizi District started in 2009. The co-op’s members earn diversified incomes, tending to not just coffee but also livestock such as cows and hens. The cooperative entered their coffee in the 2015 Cup of Excellence with a score of 86.7.  Like most of Rwanda, the district is blessed with the perfect climate to produce specialty coffee, good altitude, and rich volcanic soils. They produce 100% bourbon cultivar which has a distinctive cup profile of sweet rounded tangerine acidity, morello cherry notes in the aftertaste in this medium-bodied cup. During the harvest time, it can take several hours for the farmers to carry their coffee cherries to the coffee washing station, this is to facilitate ‘Cafecultuerurs de Gishoma’ located in Cyangugu on the southern shore of Lake Kivu, right on the border crossing with DRC Congo. The original name of the district was called Gashonga, so that name has stuck. The area is where the first coffee trees were planted in Rwanda by Belgian white colonial farmers.

Gashonga Coffee has been Fairtrade certified since 2014.


Rusizi district , Gashonga Sector

Average altitude: 1,650 meters

Cooperative total members: 104

Women members: 26

Certifications Obtained: Fair Trade

Certifications in Process: UTZ

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