New Cafenated coffee beans from Colombia

New Cafenated coffee beans from Colombia

Colombia offers some of the world’s best coffee and it’s our pleasure to feature coffee beans from the hard-working farmers that are living up to the country’s reputation for quality. 

For the winter of 2019, Cafenated is offering great tasting coffee from women Colombian producers at Coocentral group. The ability of these hard-working women to deliver quality and innovation has truly inspired us; now you too can enjoy Coocentral coffee beans roasted to perfection by Cafenated coffee roast-masters.

What is it?
Coocentral is an excellent coffee. The unique microclimate of the area protected the coffee trees from El Niño this year, ensuring the co-op’s production was not significantly impacted. The pristine biodiversity of the families’ farms, as well as their work with traditional coffee varieties like Typica and Caturra, have resulted in some of the most differentiated and desired coffee profiles.


Where does it come from?

Coocentral is a large, well-organized cooperative located in the department of Huila, the co-op produces about 22.5 million pounds of parchment coffee each year from its 3,783 members and these farmers grow coffee in temperate climates and higher-than-usual altitudes. The Coocentral organization provides training and technical assistance to its members and manages a wide portfolio of certifications, including Fairtrade, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, and C.A.F.E. Practices.

One of the cooperative’s many accomplishments since its establishment in 2014 is the creation of Café de Mujeres (Women’s Coffee), a coffee program that aims to transform 300 women coffee growers into community leaders and businesswomen.  The women behind Café de Mujeres attended training led by Coocentral’s agronomists, where they learned how to implement a long-term soil fertilization program, as well as protocols for harvesting, fermentation, and drying. Those efforts, combined with the already nutrient-rich soils and mostly Caturra varieties on the land, have resulted in an amazing cup profile that Coocentral has been offering in its Café de Mujeres line of coffees.

Because of the success of the program, Coocentral is planning to expand the Café de Mujeres program to more than 700 women!  Coocentral sees Café de Mujeres as a key part of its future: This harvest season the cooperative opened a plant in Garzón exclusively for processing and selecting micro-lots and specialty coffees, many of which will come from the Café de Mujeres program. Café de Mujeres is a delicious coffee with a special story; it is now available at Cafenated coffee with the following roast profiles:




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